Our future Ellisport home will replace the existing structure on .31 acres of land sitting between our neighbors. Because the neighborhood feels very quaint and is close to the beach, we didn’t necessarily want to go with the cabin/craftsman feel even though we are in the Pacific Northwest. We will get a lot of sun and face the water so we wanted it to still fee like the quaint beach house it has always been without being too Cape Cod.

Throughout the design process I have been asked a million times, “what style is the house?” and I honestly never know what to say. I don’t think of Craftsman, Contemporary or Vintage when I think of our home, I mostly think of a modern farmhouse meets the Hamptons by the beach…however you want to interpret that, be my guest.

Once I started looking into the design and getting ideas from pinterest, houzz, instagram, etc. I started to categorize those ideas for the specific areas of the house. I had folders on my Pinterest or Houzz accounts titled “Mudroom/Laundry Room” or “Master Bathroom” just to compartmentalize my findings and keep the images somewhat organized. I tried not to pin anything that looked out of our budget or unrealistic to the size of the space we had to work with.

The “rules” seem to be out the window when building these days, mixing and matching metals, fabrics and colors which never used to be considered. I think that building a home is VERY similar to planning a wedding and what I continue to compare it to. Everyone has an opinion about what you should/shouldn’t do but the whole time say “it is your home so who cares”, trends continue to change and it is nearly impossible to keep up and once you decide on something you have to STOP LOOKING! With social media it is SO easy to continue down a rabbit hole of flooring and counter tops but when you find the right one, you just have to stop – just like finding a wedding dress, you just have to stop looking. I also find that trends change just as fast in interior design as they do in fashion, one day all white kitchens is the way to go, then suddenly everyone is posting grey and then dark green and even black – it is nearly impossible to keep up and all of them look SO good. Because I really wanted to create a timeless feel throughout the house, I figured I could do trendy things here and there if I really wanted with hardware, faucets and knobs – which are easier to replace if I get sick of them in 5-10 years. Not to mention that a lot of what is “trendy” is not always realistic for your house. Doing research is KEY – having dark stained brass or gold faucets might be trendy but if you have hard water, those will stain quickly and there isn’t much you can do about it. Metal windows look so nice against a white exterior but are not environmentally friendly and you lose heat very quickly. I had to continue to remind myself I was building a house in the Pacific Northwest and not Southern California.

We met with our Designer and she presented us with 5 different options for the layout of the house which was our starting point. It was so exciting to see our vision on paper – not to mention so many different options that we never thought of before. She added so much creativity and possibility to the limited square footage, we loved it all!

We took the plans home and started dissecting them all, we wrote down what we liked and dislike about each one and came up with our “wish list” which ended up being a hybrid of all of her designs. We took everything we wrote down and drew back to her and she came up with the perfect plans which you can view on the plans page.