At least once every single day I convince myself that we are crazy for starting this project. It’s a project I have wanted for so long, contemplated for even longer and finally decided to move forward with in 2016 with my husband, Matt. Matt and I had been married for 4 months and 17 days when we decided that building a house was what we wanted to do. We would build a house where I grew up, on Vashon Island. 

My parents purchased their first home and moved to Vashon in the neighborhood of Ellisport in December of 1979. They fell in love with the 37 square miles of island nestled in the Puget Sound, a place which landed on the opposite end of the spectrum from the suburbs of Long Beach, California – the place they both called home growing up. 

The small 1,200 square foot beach house was were my brother, sister and I were all born. We learned how to ride our bikes on 81st Ave and would pride ourselves on selling anything we could find to our supportive neighbors, loading up our red wagon and knocking on doors only to be greeted with a smile and 25 cents in exchange for a painted rock or bouquet of dandelions. It was a slice of heaven for any child growing up – a short walk to beaches, minutes from the Public Pool where we all learned to swim, and just over a mile from school. But what made Ellisport idyllic was the neighborhood – the “village” that raised us. 

My parents would later buy a 2nd house on Vashon that seemed more appropriate for our growing family but held onto the “Ellisport House” hoping one day someone would find interest in it. The house suffered a fire in 2001 that would leave it boarded up and abandoned for 16 years.

In December 2016, my husband and I began the process of reinventing our cherished “Ellisport House.” I hope to share the very real story of building our very first home – enjoy! 

– Mallory